Dean Anderson dean at av8.com
Tue Nov 11 19:27:01 CET 2003

In the file dnsproxy.cc there is the following method:

The iterator i points to a structure of type ConnTrack, defined in
dnsproxy.hh.  The funny thing is that ConnTrack does not have a member
called 'second'.  It does have a member called 'created'.  So, can someone
explain what second in the method below refers to?  And where is it



int DNSProxy::getID_locked()
  map_t::iterator i;
  for(int n=0;;++n) {
    if(i==d_conntrack.end()) {
      return n;
    else if(i->second.created<time(0)-60) {
        L<<Logger::Warning<<"Recursive query for remote "<<
          sockAddrToString((struct sockaddr_in *)&i->second.remote,
i->second.addrlen)<<" with internal id "<<n<<
          " was not answered by backend within timeout, reusing id"<<endl;

      return n;

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