[Pdns-dev] Automatic serial increment for SOA records

JoséLuisTallón jltallon at adv-solutions.net
Wed Mar 5 15:15:00 CET 2003

I would love to have auto-incrementing serials for SOAs in PowerDNS -- 
working, that is ;)

I took a look at the code and everything seems to be perfectly well 
thought-of and coded ( this is an open compliment, Bert ;)  )
however, i read on the -user list it didn't work and, according to my own 
tests, it doesn't, indeed.

I'm using MySQL on Linux ( Debian 3.0 with latest updates plus 
PowerDNS+dependencies from 'unstable' ), with InnoDB backend for 
transaction aware tables. Does it work with Postgres? Sybase? maybe ODBC on 
Windows? something?

If all answers are negative... Shall I get GDB on it and start debugging? ( 
dunno if MTasker might get any side-effects from debugging or whatever )
Any tips before i get completely insane trying to debug? ;)


	José Luis Tallón

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