[Pdns-dev] New Windows build of PowerDNS

Michel Stol michel at powerdns.com
Mon Dec 1 02:52:40 CET 2003

Hey everyone,

In the last two days I've updated the Windows build of PowerDNS to (what 
will be) 2.9.13.
Before the release of 2.9.13 I'd appreciate it very much if the Windows 
users out there (Patricio, etc.)
would test the new installation and version, and report bugs etc. to me so 
I can fix it.

You can download the new installation here: 

Warning: Make a backup of your powerdns.mdb, just to be sure!

A list of changes can be found here: http://doc.powerdns.com/changelog.html

Thanks in advance,

- Michel Stol

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