[Pdns-announce] PowerDNS Jobs, 4.1.x planning, research

bert hubert bert.hubert at powerdns.com
Tue Feb 7 09:57:23 UTC 2017

Hi everyone,

In this post, we want to mention a few things: PowerDNS Jobs, 4.1 plans &
some DNSSEC research.

First, PowerDNS is growing rapidly as more and more large scale service
providers displace closed DNS systems by PowerDNS, especially for security
enhanced DNS and "parental control". More on this can be found here
https://www.open-xchange.com/portfolio/ox-powerdns/ and here

We therefore have two job openings currently. Full details are on
https://www.powerdns.com/careers.html , brief descriptions:

* Solution Engineer
Daily activities alternate between working on customer issues and actual
Professional Services for customer implementations (both on-site and
off-site).  As Solution Engineer (with a focus on PowerDNS) you will work
closely with the PowerDNS development team, as well as with other parts of
Open-Xchange and Dovecot development, sales, and Product Management teams
from within a European Services team.

We think Support & Implementation is a great step into a promising career.
We are specifically looking for employees willing to learn quickly while
delivering great support and service, while keeping an eye towards growing
within the Global Services department or into different roles in the larger
Open-Xchange organisation.

* Versatile frontend developer with moderate middleware skills
We are looking for people with any or more of the following skills:

 - Modern web development (key words are AngularJS, JSON, RESTful, D3.js,
   Backbone and other frameworks that aren't TOO hip)
 - Django
 - Ability to enhance middleware in Python
 - Ability to propose changes to core C++ code and make small additions
 - Automated UI testing

For more information, please head to https://www.powerdns.com/careers.html

* 4.1 plans

We have started the process of 4.1 release planning. We have identified a
number of areas that need to be addressed, but your input is most welcome.
The 4.0 roadmap process was rather successful, but only because users
vocally reminded us of what was missing.

So please let us know: what are we simply not talking about that you think
is vital for PowerDNS. If we are not doing something, it is probably because
we don't know that you need it! So please let us know whatever you are
missing on powerdns-ideas at powerdns.com.

* DNSSEC research
We wrote some perhaps interesting stuff on DNSSEC here:

With this technique, we've been able to measure the DNSSEC penetration on
all top level domains (including co.uk and com.br). The list is here:

All in all we have found there are around 7.4 million signed DNSSEC domains.
Given what we know of the zones involved (.se, .nl, .de, .be), it looks like
the majority of these are signed and mostly served by PowerDNS. 

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