[Pdns-announce] PowerDNS & Free DNSSEC advice for SIDN (.nl) Registrars

bert hubert bert.hubert at netherlabs.nl
Fri Jul 6 06:09:37 UTC 2012

Dear PowerDNS users,

Currently, many large Dutch registrars are either pondering or already mass
signing their domains for DNSSEC use. A quite spectacular graph of this can
be seen at http://xs.powerdns.com/dnssec-nl-graph/ . 

DNSSEC is a complicated protocol, and big DNS migrations were not simple
even with plain DNS .  It is therefore that together with SIDN (the Dutch
registry), PowerDNS is extending a time limited offer of free PowerDNS
configuration advice & migration assistance to accredited SIDN registrars
that are doing large DNSSEC rollouts (please read important (*) remark

This means for example that if you share details of your setup with us
privately, we can warn you of common pitfalls, or tell you where there is
room for improvement.  Since we have assisted several large DNSSEC rollouts
already, totalling 250k+ domains, by now we are well aware of the best
current practices.

DNSSEC is at a critical stage, and we want to make sure that PowerDNS &
DNSSEC get off the ground correctly in our home country!

Some more information (for now in Dutch only) can be found on

To benefit from our offer of free advice & assistance, please contact us on
powerdns.support at netherlabs.nl. It should be clarified that this offer comes
from PowerDNS, and is not a promise by SIDN!

Kind regards,

Bert Hubert

(*) This is a 'best effort' offer, where we can't guarantee that we will be
able to help everybody (nor immediately) with all their problems.  There are
no guarantees, and if our commercially supported users have issues, we will
help them first.  This offer is extended 'for now', and if we feel that
DNSSEC has been deployed sufficiently, the offer ends.

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