[Pdns-announce] PowerDNS servers networking problems, probably under DoS

bert hubert bert.hubert at netherlabs.nl
Fri Apr 15 16:15:10 UTC 2011

Dear PowerDNS users,

This email message is unlikely to reach you before our current problems are
over, but it might slip through if we are lucky.

The PowerDNS server infrastructure is currently suffering from networking
problems, most likely a denial of service attack.

Supported users can contact the 24/7 support phone number as usual.
If you have lost the phone number, please contact:
emergency.powerdns at gmail.com, which will be monitored frequently. To
clarify, the 24/7 support phone number is only for users with a support
agreement in place.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Kind regards,

Bert Hubert

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