[Pdns-announce] lots of bugs fixed, but also tickets closed: please check

bert hubert bert.hubert at netherlabs.nl
Tue Dec 22 14:54:55 UTC 2009

Dear PowerDNS people,

Your attention is needed if you've ever filed a bug on the public

The PowerDNS Bugtracker, which can be found on wiki.powerdns.com, has been
cleaned up in two important ways recently.

Firstly, a number of interesting bugs have been fixed in the development
versions of the PowerDNS Recursor and PowerDNS Authoritative Server.

Secondly, a larger number of issues have been closed as either 'invalid',
'worksforme' or 'wontfix' or 'duplicate'.

Because almost all bugs were filed anonymously, you may not have received
automated feedback about your issue. So if you remember filing a bug, please
check the status below to see if your input may be needed. This might be the
case if you want to verify if your bug has really been fixed, or if you
disagree with a 'wontfix' or 'worksforme'.

To get more status, go to http://wiki.powerdns.com/trac/ticket/223 (replace
223 by your issue number). 

Please either update your issue on the tracker if you are unhappy, or reply
to the list if you think your bug is still open, or was incorrectly closed.

This is a snapshot of the Recursor with the fixes below:
And the Authoritative Server equivalent can be found on:

223|fixed|Root referrals sent with CNAMEs
229|fixed|3.1.6 recursor hint-file glue records not used unless names end with dot
240|fixed|svn-trunk recursor fails to compile on linux debian/unstable amd64
236|fixed|man page typo pdns_server
239|fixed|c++ profiling broken by ahu
233|fixed|small cosmetic thing in the init.d script
193|fixed|vctoolkit is gone - replaced by Visual Studio Express
156|closed|PDNS-2.9.21: Exception: Unknown record was stored incorrectly, need 3 fields, got 1:
	("can't AXFR a zone with URL or MBOXFW fancy records")
224|fixed|no referral when queried for the SOA of a subdomain

Probably fixed ("we can't imagine this bug still being around, but can't prove it")
176|fixed|Auth. server leaks file descriptors
181|fixed|pdns_server svn 2007/09/03 - Communicator thread died because of error (in zonefile)
237|fixed|The PowerDNS responding to UDP queries after while if there is only low traffic to the server, it was working fine for while then it stop responding to UDP queries
136|fixed|TCP nameserver had error
68|fixed|can't install pdns-static and pdns-recursor

New feature:
171|fixed|my.cnf reading support in MySQL-using backends
197|fixed|Control socket finer grain security patch
198|fixed|Make the query timeout a configurable setting
235|fixed|ablity for rec_control to reload contents of allow-from-file
199|closed|Implementation of both nonrecursive and recursive forwarding
	(in recursor)

Won't fix/invalid:
263|wontfix|bind backend does not autoreload config file
	(not intended behaviour)
261|invalid|powerdns recursor forwarding does not work on NXDOMAIN
168|worksforme|Enhanced logging
158|wontfix|REGRESSION: axfr fails when SOA does not contain serial
185|invalid|implicit declaration of mremap in malloc.c
	(malloc.c is gone)
256|wontfix|patch - support for RR TYPE65282 (Folder-pathname)
242|worksforme|AXFR stops working after NIC(s) go DOWN and UP again.
238|invalid|pdns_instance crashes
66|wontfix|moving strbind to pdns/misc.hh
245|wontfix|Adding 'Active' as a field.
187|invalid|Wildcard/MX record problem, possible regression?
53|invalid|add config directory support
93|wontfix|pdns-recursor make install overwrites /etc/init.d/pdns-recursor
43|worksforme|/etc/init.d/pdns: syntax error at line 27: `ret=$' unexpected
116|invalid|Debian recursor package does not restart recursor after upgrade
226|worksforme|zone2sql died because of STL error: Malformed line '         ;;'
207|worksforme|fancyrecords a partly broken in pdns-2.9.22-rc1.20081118.1295
161|wontfix|Enhancement to log DNS queries and Src IP

Kind regards,

Bert Hubert

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