[Pdns-announce] Hi (newbie here) and Q about Windows feature/setup

MRJ InfoTech Admin admin at mrjdesign.net
Fri Dec 16 15:31:25 UTC 2005

I found your DNS server after browsing like a nut case for some useful DNS 
server setup information applicable to a Windows environment but not tied 
to Win DNS or BIND.
Luckily you guys have apparently written some great open source alternative 
for this, however I am still a bit baffled over the setup of this server.

I ran the setup process and created the ODBC record PowerDNS correctly.

The PowerDNS application says it loads correctly and so forth, however it 
cannot resolve anything and reverts directly to my secondary choice in the 
TCPIP settings for my port.

I am on the local IP and it claims it cannot resolve a server on 
it although this is my localhost machine.

As far I can tell, it does not even look in the MS access database for the 
data but pops over to my secondary choice directly.

Is there anything in the setup I have missed or???

Also, I noted there doesn't seem to be any interface to go along wit adding 
and removing new records so
I manually changed the sample database (after making a copy of yours) to 
reflect real values I can test.

I am running the test on my as I said, which is inside an IP on 
the range of 8 which I own.

My normal DNS servers are running on two other IP's and those are secondary 
options to this machines TCPIP resolution.

I have turned of the DNS client service in Windows (XP Pro) and know I have 
no cached records popping back at me.
Also, I have set PowerDNS to fully trusted in Outpost's firewall options so 
that should not affect anything since I'm still on localhost.

Any helpful hints or tips would be great.


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