[Pdns-announce] PowerDNS 2.9.7 released!

bert hubert ahu at ds9a.nl
Thu Mar 20 12:38:19 UTC 2003

*               Available on http://www.powerdns.com/downloads         *

Released on 2003-03-20.

This is a sweeping release in the sense of cleanup. There are some new
features but mostly a lot of cleanup going on. Hiding inside is the
bind2backend, the next generation of the bind backend. A work in progress.
Those of you with overlapping zones, as mentioned in the changelog of 2.9.6,
are invited to check it out by replacing launch=bind by launch=bind2 and
renaming all bind- parameters to bind2-. Be aware that if you run with many
small zones, this backend is faster, but if you run with a few large ones,
it is slower. This will improve.


     * Mark Bergsma contributed query-local-address which allows the
       operator to select which source address to use. This is useful on
       servers with multiple source addresses and the operating system
       selecting an unintended one, leading to remotes denying access.
     * PowerDNS can now perform AAAA additional processing optionally,
       turned on by setting do-ipv6-additional-processing. Thanks to
       Stephane Bortzmeyer for pointing out the need.
     * Bind2backend, which is almost in compliance with the new IETF
       AXFR-clarify (some would say 'redefinition') draft.
       This backend is not ready for primetime but you may want to try it
       if you currently have overlapping zones and note problems. An
       overlapping zone would be having "ipv6.powerdns.com" and
       "powerdns.com" zones on one server.


     * Zone2sql would happily try to read from a directory and not give a
       useful error about this.
     * PowerDNS now reports the case where it can't figure out any IP
       address of slave nameservers for a zone
     * Removed receiver-threads setting which was experimental and in
       fact only made things worse.
     * LDAP backend updates from its author Norbert Sendetzky. Reverse
       lookups should work now too.
     * An error message about unparseable packets did not include the
       originating IP address (fixed by Mark Bergsma)
     * PowerDNS can now be started via path resolution while running with
       a guardian. Suggested by Maurice Nonnekes.
     * pdns_recursor moved to sbin (reported by Norbert Sendetzky)
     * Retuned some logger errorlevels, a lot of master/slave chatter was
       logged as 'Error'. Reported by Willem de Groot.

   Bugs fixed:

     * zone2sql did not remove trailing dots in SOA records.
     * ldapbackend did not include utility.hh which caused compilation
       problems on Solaris (reported by Remco Post)
     * pdns_control could leave behind remnants in case PowerDNS was not
       running (reported by dG)
     * Incoming AXFR did not work on Solaris and other big-endian systems
       (Willem de Groot helped debugging this long standing problem).
     * Recursor could crash on convoluted CNAME loops. Thanks to Dan
       Faerch for delivering coredumps.
     * Silly 'wuh' debugging output in zone2sql and bindbackend removed
       (spotted by Ivo van der Wijk)
     * Recursor neglected to differentiate between negative cache of
       NXDOMAIN and NOERROR, leading to problems with IPv6 enabled
       Windows clients. Thanks to Stuart Walsh for reporting this and
       testing the fix.
     * PowerDNS set the 'aa' bit on serving NS records in a zone for
       which it was authoritative. Most implementations drop the 'aa' bit
       in this case and Stephane Bortzmeyer informed us of this. PowerDNS
       now also drops the 'aa' bit in this case.
     * The webserver tended to fail after prolonged operation on FreeBSD,
       this was due to an uninitialised timeout, other platforms were
       lucky. Thanks to G.P. de Boer for helping debug this.
     * getAnswers() in dnspacket.cc could be forced to read bytes beyond
       the end of the packet, leading to crashes in the PowerDNS
       recursor. This is an ongoing project that needs more work.
       Reported by Dan Faerch, with a coredump proving the problem.

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