[Pdns-announce] PowerDNS 2.9.8 released

bert hubert ahu at ds9a.nl
Wed Apr 30 18:06:01 UTC 2003

           *** Available on http://www.powerdns.com/downloads *** 

Version 2.9.8

Queen's day release! 30th of April 2003.

Added support for AIX, fixed negative SOA caching. Some other cleanups. Not
a major release but enough reasons to upgrade.

Bugs fixed:

     * Recursor had problems expiring negatively cached entries, which
       wasted memory and also led to the continued non-existence of hosts
       that since had come into existence.
     * The Generic SQL backends did not lowercase the names of records,
       which led to new records not being found by case sensitive
       databases (notably PostgreSQL). Found by Volker Goetz.
     * NS queries for zones for which we did not carry authority, but
       only had delegation information, had their NS records in the wrong
       section. Minor detail, but a standards violation on etheless.
       Spotted by Stephane Bortzmeyer.


     * Removed crypt.h dependency from powerldap.hh, which was a problem
       on some platforms (Richard Arends)
     * PowerDNS can't parse so called binary labels which we now detect
       and ignore, after printing a warning.
     * Specifying allow-axfr-ips now automatically disables AXFR for all
       non-mentioned addresses.
     * A Solaris ready init.d script is now part of the tar.gz
       (contributed, but I lost by whom).
     * Added some fixes to PowerDNS can work on AIX (spotted by Markus
     * Norbert Sendetzky contributed zone2ldap.
     * Everybody's favorite compiler warning from zone2sql.cc was
     * Recursor now listens on TCP!

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