[dnsdist] dnsdist latency bucket metric still broken in 1.8.0?

Christoph cm at appliedprivacy.net
Sun Sep 3 09:08:35 UTC 2023

Hi Remi,

sorry for the late reply.

> If I'm not mistaken, you are mostly dealing with DoT and DoH queries, 
> not UDP ones?

Correct, we do exclusively have DoT and DoH queries on these dnsdists.

> I'm asking because since 1.8 these latency metrics are now only updated 
> for UDP queries

Thanks for this information, I've added an documentation issue for it
because the documentation does not include that important information yet:

> and we have new ones that are broken down by protocol, 
> as implemented in [1].

latency-doh-avg100 contains only a single avg value compared to 
Was there a specific reason, for not having a latency-bucket for DoH/DoT 
queries as well?

best regards,

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