[dnsdist] Dnsdist in front of AD DNS stops several times a day.

Jacob Bunk Nielsen jacob at bunknielsen.dk
Fri Oct 13 04:38:10 UTC 2023

Søren Dam via dnsdist <dnsdist at mailman.powerdns.com> writes:

> Hello, i have set up dnsdist in front of our AD DNS servers to provide failover and flexibility. They run dnsdist 1.81 on RHEL 8 in front of four AD servers. and
> run a modest load of 1500-3000 QPS

That should work just fine - we run much more than that through some of
our dnsdist instances.

> But they somehow saturate several times a day, they pattern is this, suddenly outgoing sessions starts to pile up ( i guess that's what the "Out" column i the
> web interface is saying) , and then it soon becomes unresponsive.

Is there anything in the log about what happened?

Does all servers look healthy when it happens?

Are you perhaps running out of available file descriptors? Check out the
fd_usage metric.

Best regards,

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