[dnsdist] Compiling with DNS-over-QUIC on OpenSUSE - quiche not found

Oto Šťáva oto.stava at nic.cz
Tue Nov 21 12:37:44 UTC 2023

Hi, sorry about the delay. This seems to work, big thanks!

One thing I noticed is that if I add '--enable-dns-over-quic' but not 
'--enable-dns-over-tls', it successfully configures, but fails to 
compile because of missing symbols. Perhaps there should be an 
additional check that TLS is enabled a pre-requisite of QUIC, or a 
change so that QUIC automatically implies TLS as well?

Best regards,

On 10/30/23 16:45, Marcos Theophylactou wrote:
> For Debian 12 this worked:
> Ran the 'builder-support/helpers/install_quiche.sh' script. This 
> installed quiche to the system (/usr/include/quiche.h and 
> /usr/lib/libdnsdist-quiche.so)
> Then I built dnsdist with:
> autoreconf -vi
> ./configure --enable-dns-over-quic --with-quic --......
> Best Regards,
> Marcos Theophylactou
> ---- On Mon, 30 Oct 2023 15:06:38 +0200 *Oto Šťáva via dnsdist 
> <dnsdist at mailman.powerdns.com>* wrote ---
>     Hi, everyone,
>     I wanted to do some testing with the new DNS-over-QUIC
>     implementation in
>     dnsdist on my OpenSUSE machine. Quite understandably, OpenSUSE
>     does not
>     ship alpha versions of dnsdist, so I opted to compile the new version
>     from source.
>     I looked through the code to find out dnsdist uses Cloudflare's
>     Quiche,
>     which is also missing from OpenSUSE's repositories, and they do
>     not seem
>     to provide any good way of installing it from source into the system.
>     Dnsdist contains a 'builder-support/helpers/install_quiche.sh'
>     script,
>     which runs successfully (or at least never complains about anything),
>     but when I run './configure.sh --enable-dns-over-quic', I get the
>     following message:
>     configure: error: DNS over QUIC support requested but quiche was
>     not found
>     Is there something I'm missing here? Is it just some strange
>     behaviour
>     on OpenSUSE's side?
>     Kind regards,
>     Oto Šťáva
>     Knot Resolver - CZ.NIC z.s.p.o.
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