[dnsdist] DNSDIST 1.8.0 With Cache Enabled Unknown key 'dontAGE'

Bradley Minamoto Bradley.Minamoto at hawaiiantel.com
Thu Mar 30 22:11:58 UTC 2023

Has anyone noticed this error when accessing the DNSDIST console (it's also shows up in /var/log/messages) on Red Hat 8?

     newPacketCache: Unknown key 'dontAGE' given - ignored

It seems the dontAGE parameter is not recognized in 1.8.0. This parameter is listed in the example on https://dnsdist.org/guides/cache.html and I did not see any references to it being removed/renamed in the change notes.

As a workaround, I removed "dontAge=false" from my configuration. Is this option no longer supported in 1.8.0 or is this a bug?


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