[dnsdist] Dnsdist console actions logging

Frank Louwers frank+pdns at tembo.be
Tue Mar 28 06:51:53 UTC 2023


First up, make sure people you don't trust, can't access the console :)

There's currently no way to log the commands entered in the console, but you can use the delta() command to show you the changes made since the last dnsdist (re)start.




Frank Louwers
PowerDNS Certified Consultant @ Kiwazo.be

> On 28 Mar 2023, at 08:12, Andrey Vishnyakov via dnsdist <dnsdist at mailman.powerdns.com> wrote:
> Hi!
> Could you guide me how to log actions/ changes made within dnsdist console?!
> Typing ‘dnsdist -c’ you are getting into the console mode where you could change any parameter, but I can’t find how to log it.
> I’m using dnsdist 1.7.3
> Best regards,
> Andrey
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