[dnsdist] Disaggregated stats, based on Incoming source IP's, through SNMP by dnsdist-1.8

IHI IHI everything.ihi at gmail.com
Mon Mar 6 14:59:38 UTC 2023

Hello DNSDIST Experts,
I'm investigating dnsdist as a choice for our dns servers LB.
I have installed dnsdist v1.8-rc1 on debian 11.6.
In the case of, several independent distributed recursive dns servers(our
branches), which forward their queries to my load balancer and its backend,
for example:
 dns forwarder1(source IP1),  dns forwarder2(source IP2),  dns
forwarder3(source IP1-3, source IP2-3, source IP3-3), ...
Is it possible to select these desired IP's in config file, then extract
some standard  KPI information such as Nxdomains, ServFail, success rate,
...for each source IP address of these forwarders through the SNMP protocol
by dnsdist?
In other words, instead of providing general incoming traffic statistics
like the dumpStats(), should these statistics be generated and
disaggregated based on each customer's forwarder's source IP(IPs) or
desired pools?
IP1, this stats,..., IP3 this stats.
Best Regards.
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