[dnsdist] dnsdist latency bucket metric still broken in 1.8.0?

Remi Gacogne remi.gacogne at powerdns.com
Thu Apr 13 19:37:22 UTC 2023

Hi Christoph,

On 13/04/2023 19:55, Christoph via dnsdist wrote:
> ever since [1] got the  dnsdist-1.8.0 milestone
> we were looking forward to the 1.8.0 release
> and were also a bit surprised that this regression
> will not be in a 1.7.x bugfix release.

The fix not being backported is an oversight, I added the "backport to 
1.7.x" flag so we include it in an upcoming 1.7.x release.

> Recently we upgraded our dnsdist instances to 1.8.0
> but the upgrade did not improve the values in dnsdist_latency_bucket.
> Now after the upgrade, the graph show basically a flat line.
> This only affects our FreeBSD servers, not our Debian based dnsdist 
> instances.

That's weird. Would you be able to share the prometheus output, or the 
dumpStats() one, so we know if this is the same bug or a related one?

Best regards,
Remi Gacogne
PowerDNS.COM BV - https://www.powerdns.com/

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