[dnsdist] Backend Questions

Klaus Darilion klaus.darilion at nic.at
Wed Nov 2 14:17:02 UTC 2022

> > Shouldn't newServer(...healthCheckMode='UP') also work? In my case it
> does not work.
> > I have set healthCheckMode='UP' but:
> > showServers show status as "up" whereas after setUp() the status is "UP".
> And it still does helathchecks and status goes "down" if the backend is down.
> >
> > What is wrong? The docs? Am I misinterpreting the docs? Bug?
> Which version are yor running? healthCheckMode wil only be available
> in 1.8.0, which is not released yet. See
> https://dnsdist.org/reference/config.html?highlight=newserver#newServer

Oh I missed that comment about changes in 1.8.


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