[dnsdist] Problem with dnsdist 1.6.0-alpha2 in starting

Cheikh Dieng tekdieng at gmail.com
Thu Mar 11 13:13:07 UTC 2021


After compiling the new dnsdist version 1.6.0 in podman mode. I get the
following error.
*pduser at hyp03 pdns]$ podman run -p 1053:53 -p 1053:53/udp -ti --rm

*Listening on <>*
*dnsdist 1.6.0-alpha2.32.master.g6f73d1ef1 comes with ABSOLUTELY NO
WARRANTY. This is free software, and you are welcome to redistribute it
according to the terms of the GPL version 2*
*ACL allowing queries from: <>,
<>, <>,
<>, <>, ::1/128,
fc00::/7, fe80::/10*
*Console ACL allowing connections from: <>,
*No downstream servers defined: all packets will get dropped*
*Error while retrieving the security update for version
dnsdist-1.6.0-alpha2.32.master.g6f73d1ef1: Unable to get a valid Security
Status update*
*Not validating response for security status update, this is a non-release


Thanks for your help !
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