[dnsdist] Explanation for "drops" in "showServers()"?

Tom lists at verreckte-cheib.ch
Thu Jun 10 13:12:17 UTC 2021

Perfect Remi, thanks a lot for this explanation!

Kind regards,

On 10.06.21 14:48, Remi Gacogne via dnsdist wrote:
> Note, however, that dnsdist doesn't pick UDP queries that timed out very 
> quickly, for performance reasons. It does instead iterate over the 
> pending UDP queries from time to time, usually once every second. That 
> means that a response can in practice comes back after the UDP timeout 
> and still be processed as if it did not exceed the timeout, as long as 
> the corresponding entry has not yet been cleaned up. That would be my 
> guess in that case.

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