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My preferred way to achieve this (which will ensure during periods of unexpectedly high QPS this will not result in queries being sent to backend03/backend04):


addAction(PoolAvailableRule("primary"), PoolAction("primary"))

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Hello Tom,

This might come very close to what you are looking for:

newServer({name="backend01",order=1, qps=5000,...})
newServer({name="backend02",order=1, qps=5000,...})
newServer({name="backend03",order=2, qps=5000,...})
newServer({name="backend04",order=2, qps=5000,...})


"The firstAvailable policy, picks the first available server that has
not exceeded its QPS limit, ordered by increasing ‘order’. If all
servers are above their QPS limit, a server is selected based on the
leastOutstanding policy. For now this is the only policy using the QPS


On 02.06.21 09:19, Tom via dnsdist wrote:
> Hi list
> Using dnsdist 1.5.2 with four configured backend servers
> (backend01-backend04).
> Is there a way to configure dnsdist to use backend03 and backend04 only,
> if backend01 and backend02 are not answering on the healthcheck? Or
> better: use backend03 or backend04 only if backend01 or backend02 are down.
> Any hints?
> Thank you.
> Kind regards,
> Tom
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