[dnsdist] Add backend-noerror/nxdomain/servfail stats

Lucas Rolff lucas at lucasrolff.com
Thu Jul 8 21:56:02 UTC 2021

Hi guys,

I see in dumpStats() there’s the statistics called frontend-noerror, frontend-nxdomain and frontend-servfail.

Would it be possible to add the similar for backend responses? Like so we would know the ratio of noerror, nxdomain and servfail (in fact servfail-responses seems to do just that), but having the nxdomain, noerror stats available would be nice help as well to determine increased nxdomain queries to backends.

In cases where we don’t have direct access for metric collection on the backend servers, it would be nice to expose this as a statistic in dumpStats()

I’m not sure if there’s any performance implications of doing counting this, I would assume it’s minimal for such counters

Best Regards,
Lucas Rolff
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