[dnsdist] ERROR RUNNING ZVELODB c-api-tool LOOKUP COMMAND INSIDE LUA's preresolve()

Pius Nganga pnganga05 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 14 04:07:39 UTC 2021

We are using zvelodb to do an url lookup inside pdns recursor's preresolve
function. We are executing a terminal command using  io.popen as follows;

f = io.popen("c-api-tool -l "..dq.qname:toString()) -- runs command
   l = f:read("*a") -- read output of command

Running the above command outside of the preresolve function prints the
expected outcome which is 'domainname category'.

When the command is inside the preresolve function it prints 'url_init:
unable to open database'
Has anyone encountered this before and how do we solve this?
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