[dnsdist] Question about DNSQuestion object

tbn tbn at singularity.ro
Mon Jan 4 06:57:55 UTC 2021

Hello dnsdist community,

    Are there any future plans of expanding dnsndist's DNSQuestion
object to the extent and flexibility of the recursor's DNSQuestion
object ?

    While reading about the authoritary, recursor, and dnsdist servers
I just came across this part of the recursor's documentation ->
    and the UDPQueryResponse method seems pretty interesting, though
missing from dnsdist.

    In a scenario where a dnsdist server has multiple IP addresses,
one could have dnsdist query the backend authoritary server for the
domain's NS records' IP addressess and check if the request came on
those IP addresses or not. This could  offer the flexibility to decide
if you only want to answer if the request came on the correct IP
address vs. answer on all the IP addressess dnsdist is bound to.

    Also, from what I read from the resolver's example, it could even
make use of the packetcache feature, if I understand the code

    ..or is there another method of achieving the scenario above that
I am not aware ?


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