[dnsdist] (Re-)creating RPM packages with DoH support from .src.rpm

Christopher Engelhard ce at lcts.de
Thu May 14 08:59:34 UTC 2020

On 14.05.20 10:37, Pieter Lexis via dnsdist wrote:
> The build environment we set up for Centos 8 (and 7) builds and installs
> libh2o before building dnsdist[2]. libh2o, by default, builds a static
> library *and* it provides a pkg-config file allow it to be found,
> dnsdist picks it up and statically links in libh2o-evloop.

OK, this makes sense. It would probably be a good idea to note that in
the specfile (e.g. via BuildRequires: pkconfig(libh2o-evloop)).

> However, several of the cmake options in the link to our build
> file[2] might help you zero in on how to strip down libh2o to use system
> libraries.

Thanks, I'll do that.

So, seems that the best way forward is for me to get libh2o into Fedora
(and from there to EPEL). I started out with the idea of packaging h2o
itself as well while I'm at it, but libh2o alone might be a bit more

Thanks for your (and Remi's) help,

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