[dnsdist] (Re-)creating RPM packages with DoH support from .src.rpm

Christopher Engelhard ce at lcts.de
Wed May 13 20:39:13 UTC 2020

how exactly are the RPM packages on repo.powerdns.org created? I'm
trying to build them locally, and it doesn't (and in my opinion can not)

Background: dnsdist in Fedora lacks DoH support, because Fedora lacks
libh2o-evloop. I was trying to rectify that, but h2o upstream is a mess
of bundled libraries, so I decided to take a look at how your stuff is
packaged, and I don't understand it at all (Taking dnsdist-1.5.0-rc2 for
CentOS8 as an example here).

- According to the specfile, dnsdist is built with
--enable-dns-over-https (great!), but the package doens't have
libh2o-devel as a BuildRequires:, and accordingly rpmbuild fails at the
'configure' step.

- Moreover, even if I put the headers into the buildroot, since the
repos (to my knowledge) lack libh2o-evloop, the package wouldn't be
installable even if it was buildable.

- The binary from the CentOS8 package does not seem to be linked against

So, where does that binary come from, because it doesn't seem to come
from the .src.rpm? Do I need libh2o-evloop for DoH support or not? What
am I misunderstanding here?


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