[dnsdist] log source address for queries

Simone Beccato s.beccato at it.net
Thu May 7 08:44:50 UTC 2020


using dnsdist in front of slave PowerDNS Authoritative Servers i see that all queries are logged (by slave) with the dnsdist source IP.

I need to log and archive all queries log but within the real public ip that originated the request; I found into the documentation the Proxy Protocol -> https://dnsdist.org/advanced/proxyprotocol.html

I tried to configure the downstream servers as follow:

#newServer({address="", name="slave-01", pool="auth", useProxyProtocol=true})

but after restarting dnsdist the servers are marked as "DOWN".

Sure I missing something, but I'm not able to find online a way to solve this issue.

Anyone faced this issue too?


       Cloud Architect

       ITNET S.r.l.
       Via del Bosco Rinnovato 8 - Palazzo U4
       20090 Assago Milanofiori Nord (MI)

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