[dnsdist] Is it possible to disable BasicAuth for /metrics?

Holger Hoffstätte holger at applied-asynchrony.com
Mon Jan 13 23:08:09 UTC 2020


I'm loving dnsdist but have hit a little snag. I have everything working
incl. console access, web UI, Prometheus metrics scraping and even my
own Lua extension, but despite reading all the docs I haven't managed
to disable BasicAuth for /metrics.
I don't care whether it's required for the web UI itself, but for the
Prometheus endpoint I'd really like to disable it due to the way targets
are configured, which I'd like to change (without basic auth if possible).
Security is not an issue either way.

So far all attempts with the webserver options have not worked,
and while I have found the portion of code that performas the auth
I'd rather not go patching around unless absolutely necessary.

Grateful for any hints. :)


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