[dnsdist] LogAction() is ignored?

Stephane Bortzmeyer bortzmeyer at nic.fr
Sun Sep 22 08:21:05 UTC 2019

I tried to log every query with:

addAction(AllRule(), LogAction("/tmp/dnsdist.log", false, true, false))

buffered=false is here to be sure I see the queries immediately.

dnsdist knows about the action:

> showRules()
#     Matches Rule                                                     Action
0           0 IP (/32, /64) match for QPS over 100 burst 100           drop
1          68 All                                                      log to /tmp/dnsdist.log

/tmp/dnsdist.log is created (world-readable!) but nothing appears in
it. topQueries() show that I do receive queries.

% dnsdist --version
dnsdist 1.4.0-rc2 (Lua 5.1.4 [LuaJIT 2.0.5])
Enabled features: dns-over-tls(gnutls openssl) dns-over-https(DOH) ebpf fstrm ipcipher libsodium lmdb protobuf recvmmsg/sendmmsg systemd

Is it a problem specific to RC?

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