[dnsdist] metronome on FreeBSD - rc.d script

Leo Vandewoestijne dnsdist at dns.company
Wed Aug 14 11:42:28 UTC 2019


> Thanks! If you don't mind it might be useful to submit a pull request to
> the metronome repository instead [1] to add it in, for example, a
> contrib/ directory?
> [1]: https://github.com/ahupowerdns/metronome

The patch is against the ports (the OS's packaging system), not dnsdist itself.

I'm trying to learn to understand the whole dataformat, and see if I can add or improve.
For example I saw I'm not the only one who also wish to use this for monitoring the system.

I'm also playing with grafena6 but I find it all a hairy beast.
Storing data is relative simple, but displaying I find complex.

If I cannot contribute on that, then at least I will write another howto (already made notes).

Last but not least; my compliments on this "toy", to me it's very useful.


Met vriendelijke groet,
With kind regards,

Leo Vandewoestijne

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