[dnsdist] Query counters

Miguel Miranda miguel.mirandag at gmail.com
Thu Sep 1 20:22:34 UTC 2016

Hello to all, i am reading the configuration and i am wondering what kind
of per-records statistics will show in metronome when query counteris

something like this?

Dst Domain                    qps
www.google.com           1000
www.facebook.com       6000

Src Ip      qps    1000     4000


By the way i upgraded dnsdist to 1.0.0 using the repos and i got this error
when i configure query counters,:

Fatal error: [string "chunk"]:33: attempt to call global
'setQueryCountFilter' (a nil value)

 i copied verbatin the README example:

function filter(dq)
  qname = dq.qname:toString()

  -- don't count PTRs at all
  if(qname:match('in%-addr.arpa$')) then
    return false, ""

  -- count these queries as if they were queried without leading www.
  if(qname:match('^www.')) then
    qname = qname:gsub('^www.', '')

  -- count queries by default
  return true, qname

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