[dnsdist] Block Random queries

AleŇ° Rygl ales at rygl.net
Wed Jun 8 13:55:43 UTC 2016


Hi Frederico. 

It is imho almost impossible to block such queries.
They are usually running at low rates per client per second but from
many clients... I have already opened a feature request for a dynamic
rule that would allow to insert rules based on dnsdist statistics of
responses: https://github.com/PowerDNS/pdns/issues/3888 

In the mean
time it could be done by an external script grabing topResponses from
dnsdist, analyzing them ans install a rule. 



On Wed, 8
Jun 2016 13:53:37 +0100, Federico Olivieri wrote: 

> Hi everybody, 

> My server receives some random queries as xfz3421xc.domain.com [1],
jh65jj3e.domain2.com [2] 
> Can someone suggests some LUA script to
block these kind of random queries?
> Thanks 
> Federico

[1] http://xfz3421xc.domain.com
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