[dnsdist] dns-spider

AleŇ° Rygl ales at rygl.net
Fri Jul 15 08:31:41 UTC 2016

> Which domains were you seeing for these? myxns.cn and ffdns.net are the
> ones we see lots of traffic for. They normally seem to end up pretty
> deep in delegations where none of the servers will actually respond with
> an answer and so they eventually timeout (causing the recursor much work
> in the process). Occasionally they do resolve the entry to an 10.x address.
> Oddly enough, ffdns.net does seem to host some "legit" domains which
> seems odd that they would apply this on top of their name servers.

Actually I can see just myxns.cn and ffdns.net. The other have no hits so far. 
I was just wonder if it appears also under other tld.


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