[dnsdist] Obscene amount of drops

Miguel Miranda miguel.mirandag at gmail.com
Wed Jan 6 17:24:20 UTC 2016

Hello to all, i have just discovered this great dnsdist package, im testing
it with a resolver serving several thousands cablemodems, i configured two
resolver instances, pdns-recursor and unbound. Using a simple configuration:

webserver("", "J4s0n2015")
carbonServer("", "J4s0nDNSDIST", 30)

warnlog(string.format("Script starting %s", "up!"))

-- define the good servers
newServer {address="", name="unbound"}
newServer {address="", name="pdns-recursor"}

What i just discovered after ruuning dnsdistis a obscene amount of drops, i
am not clear about what is the meaning of this, are server fail errors?,
timeouts?, etc.
What do you recommend me to check?
Because of this im running  recursor instances with trace on but i dont see
any droping packet error.

> showServers()
#   Name                 Address                       State     Qps
Qlim Ord Wt    Queries   Drops Drate   Lat Pools
0   unbound                       up    57.0
0   1  1    6219959   93631   1.0 119.9
1   pdns-recursor                   up    74.0
0   1  1    3736215  250433   2.0 228.8
129.0                   9956174  344064
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