[dnsdist] Handling auth and recursive queries

abang abang at t-ipnet.net
Mon Dec 12 07:22:31 UTC 2016

Am 12.12.2016 um 04:42 schrieb Chris:
> The part I am stuck on is it does not appear to be possible to direct 
> queries to certain IP's to certain pools. As an example, my caching 
> resolver IP's are, I use addLocal like this:
> addLocal("")
> addLocal("")
> I want to direct all queries destined to those two IP's to the 
> dnscache pool. I want to do the same thing for the other "addLocal" 
> IP's as well, queries to the IP's for our own domains should go to 
> pool dnsauth-internal, queries for the IP's for shared hosting should 
> go to pool dnsauth-shared etc. Is this possible with dnsdist? I can 
> see how I can do it based on filtering the domains but at the scale I 
> am using this it isn't really possible for me, the dnsauth-shared pool 
> for example has over 2M domains, dnsauth-dnshosting has over 4M 
> domains and there are very frequent changes to the domains for these. 
See http://dnsdist.org/README/

"NetmaskGroupRule(nmg, [*src-bool*]):
matches traffic from the specified network range. Pass false as second 
parameter to *match NetmaskGroup against destination address instead of 
source address*"

So this should work:

dnscache_NMG = newNMG()

newServer({address="", pool="dnscache"})
newServer({address="", pool="dnscache"})

addPoolRule(NetmaskGroupRule(dnscache_NMG , false), "dnscache")


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